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Welcome to Faith Alive Family Church!

There’s a lot going on around here and we would be thrilled to add you to the family. We are more than just a Sunday service; we are a body of people dedicated to seeing God move here and now.

Some of the exciting things that happen during services include incredible worship with the Faith Alive Band, a variety of dynamic kids’ programs for ages 0-12, the best video crew (filming and streaming our services live for those who are unable to be here), a team of powerhouse leaders who deliver the life-changing Word of God, and prayer warriors who pray passionately, imparting the healing and delivering power of God. Our greatest desire is to see every person experience the presence of God in a real way.

During the week, this place never stops working for the Kingdom of God. Prairie Christian Academy is our Preschool – Grade 12 School that provides top of the line teaching in a safe and spiritual environment. Faith Alive Bible College equips the young and the old to discover, grow, and be transformed in God’s Word, both spiritually and practically. The Film Squad meets to produce “The Faith Alive Show,” which airs weekly on the Miracle Channel. Every Friday afternoon, we open our doors to the public with our Healing Prayer Clinic, providing prayer and breakthrough for the sick and oppressed.

Just as our name states, we are family focused! We have programs where all ages can connect and create lasting relationships with fellow believers. The Edge is a fun hang out for ages 13-17. Young Adults (ages 18-30), challenge the status quo. Connect is a life-giving group of encouragement and hearty laughs for ages 31+. Those who are 60+ will find great strength and friendship in the Golden Years group.

As you can see, there’s so much to do and become here at Faith Alive Family Church. If you’re looking for a place of family, faith, and life, look no further and make Faith Alive Family Church your home!

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  • Stomach Healed!
    Janae’s stomach was hurting, but she didn’t stay home from church. During the worship time, she gave God everything she had. Then, the power of God came on her in a very unique way. Janae’s stomach ache was healed!
  • Rachel’s Testimony
    Rachel’s parents separated when she was six years old. At that time, her family stopped attending church, but Rachel still felt drawn to God. When she was 14 years old, she turned her life to God and began attending Faith Alive Family Church. Through the support and many strong examples of faith in the church, Rachel was able to become stable in her walk with God.
  • Youth on Fire for Jesus!
    A small group of people stayed at the front of the church after the service. They were pressing in to receive the fire of God. Caleb felt the fire rush over him. Some time later, the group began to pray and intercede. Ever since then, the passion for God has continued to grow in Caleb and his relationship with Christ has deepened!.
  • Personal Relationship with Jesus
    Jenny believed in God, but did not know she could have a personal relationship with Jesus. When she was invited to a young adults retreat, Jenny was given the opportunity to experience the life of God for herself. When she responded to the altar call, she felt the touch of God like a lightning bolt go through her body. Since then, she has experienced freedom and her relationship with God has grown - her life has never been the same.
  • Stomach Pain Healed!
    Janae’s stomach was hurting, but she didn’t stay home from church. During the worship time, she gave God everything she had. She felt the healing power of God flow through her. Janae’s stomach pain was healed!
  • Cancer healed
    A few weeks ago during our Thursday night corporate prayer meeting, a visitor brought in a prayer request for her sister. Among other symptoms, her sister had been experiencing pain and fluid build-up in her breast for quite some time. Her health became progressively worse until one day, she passed out. After tests were done, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the doctor told her that she needed surgery. A pre-surgery test was scheduled for the following Monday, only 4 days after we had prayed for her. The test results came back negative for cancer! Also, the fluid drained and the pain was completely gone. The doctor said that he couldn't understand what had happened to the cancer. Praise God!
  • Ear restored, pain gone
    Kathleen was diagnosed with an allergic condition that affects the inner ear. Pain and swelling of her ear would be the result when she had a reaction to the cold and moisture. Thursday night Kathleen had a reaction and could not sleep all night because of the pain, which continued into the next day. In spite of this, she came to the Friday evening service where Steve Stoffelsen, a central American missionary, was speaking. She didn't know how long she would last though, because not only was her ear throbbing with pain, but her ear was so swollen that she could hardly hear. During the time of prayer and ministry, Steve had a word from the Lord that someone needed healing for partial deafness. Kathleen responded and went to the altar for prayer. She later testified that as soon as Steve prayed for her, the pain immediately left, the swelling went down and she could hear clearly again. Praise God!!
  • Pneumonia gone
    A few weeks ago, we prayed for a 5 month old baby who was hospitalized. He had pneumonia in both lungs and was on oxygen. We prayed for him at a Thursday night corporate prayer meeting, and by Saturday morning he was released from the hospital with a clean bill of health.
  • Infant heart disease healed
    Paula's friend's baby was not only born with a hole in her heart, but she also had a dangerous level of inflammation around the heart. Her friend's eastern religious doctor advised her to pray to her Christian God for a miracle. Paula told her friend that Faith Alive would pray for her baby during a corporate prayer meeting. Her friend saw immediate results, and within 3 months, the swelling had gone down and the hole was completely gone. Her friend's doctor gave God all the glory!
  • Doctor’s report reversed
    We recently prayed for a man whose heart was weak and his kidneys were failing. The family was expecting him to die because of the doctor's report, but after we prayed much, to their surprise he regained his strength and is recovering!
  • Premature baby healed
    A little while ago, we prayed for a baby girl who was born at 26 weeks. Because she was born prematurely, she had many problems such as heart issues and infections. Shortly after, we received the good report that her problems cleared up and she is growing stronger every day!
  • Severe asthma, stabilized!
    Last week a call came in from a man requesting prayer for his son who was in the hospital due to a severe asthma attack. Because of the high level of carbon dioxide and the acid in his bloodstream, the doctors induced him into a coma and put him on oxygen. They were very concerned about getting his asthma under control, and also that he might have brain damage. We prayed and interceded and by that afternoon he stabilized, and when they woke him up from the coma, his vital signs were excellent and he had no brain damage!
  • Back pain, gone! (Tim)
    I had recently hurt my back and was in excruciating pain with limited mobility. We had an altar call at Faith Alive Family Church after one service, and I went up to get prayer. After someone prayed for me, the debilitating pain left and I was able to move and bend freely! I’ve felt great ever since! - Tim

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