While Katie was watching a prayer service online, a Word of Knowledge was given that God wanted to heal stomach issues. By faith, she believed God would heal her of her acid reflux. She no longer needs to take the medication that she's been on for over 2 years. She also asked for prayer for a promotion which she received shortly after.

Mathew woke up one morning disoriented. He had slurred speech and shuffled when he walked so he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. After the church prayed for him at a corporate prayer meeting, he was discharged the next day with clear speech and normal vital signs. The tests didn't reveal any problems.

An ultrasound revealed an abnormality in Margaret's uterus, so the doctors booked an MRI and possible surgery. The church prayed and when her test results came back, the report was a healthy uterus.

RJ was wounded by a gunshot during a hunting accident and was airlifted to RUH in Saskatoon. The pellets penetrated his shoulder, throat, and ear. The church prayed for him at a Thursday evening corporate prayer service, and he was released the next day.

Doctors diagnosed Serena with throat cancer, but because of several months of prayer prior to her surgery, they couldn't find the cancer. When the nodes were removed from her throat, the doctors were confident they had removed the cancer. No cancer was found when the nodes were tested. The doctors had thought that the lab made a mistake, but through prayer and faith, Serena received a miracle.

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