"For you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light."

1 Peter 2:9


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Using technology to reach the world!

The Media Department's scope is far-reaching and gives way to many ministries including Audio, Video, Editing, Lighting, Projection, and more. Media offerings allow us to purchase and maintain equipment, purchase software, licences, streaming equipment, and pay ongoing fees.

This department is also responsible for recording and streaming of services and special events throughout the week, design & maintenance of the websites (FAFC, PCA and FABC), newsletter development and upkeep, online promotions, and many other exciting projects.

Not only does this ministry bless our local congregation, but over the last few years has reached people in over 100 countries via streaming.

Your generous support of this department allows us to continue sharing God's message of Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance with the world.
The Projection ministry is an extension of the worship and media departments at Faith Alive Family Church. The function of this department is to display song lyrics, Bible references, announcements and videos for the congregation during church services, livestream, corporate prayer meetings and any additional gatherings. The volunteers learn and use the ProPresenter program. The team is comprised of approximately 5 loyal church members. Everything they send to the projector screen for the congregation also mirrors itself onto the livestream airing at the same.
The Faith Alive Sound Department works to facilitate the move of God in every sound mix they make. They believe that sound is an integral part of each service, and they want to do their part to make sure it is excellent and does not distract from what God is doing.

The Sound Department is responsible for the front of house sound mixing for all service activities. They also make sure the stage is always neat and clean. Keeping cables, speakers, and music gear in place and in proper working condition is all part of their ministry. The faithful volunteers arrive at the church before the band to prepare microphones and band/instrument positions for each service.

We also have an audio technician who mixes sound specifically for streaming so that the best quality can be achieved for those watching from home.
Lights! Camera! Action!

There’s so much going on behind the scenes in the Video Ministry. We desire to capture the amazing things God is doing here at Faith Alive and send it out to Nations over the airwaves in as many formats as we can. We firmly believe that people around the world will experience the presence and power of God and be saved, healed, and set free as they watch/listen. Over the past few years, people in 100+ countries worldwide have tuned in to Faith Alive’s services via streaming. God is doing great things here, and it's an honour to share it with the world through this ministry.

It takes a big team of volunteers to function smoothly. A crew consisting of a Director, 4 Camera Operators, Iris Controller, Streaming/Recording Technician, Audio Technician, as well as an Editor working closely together with the Pastors to film services and special events.
The FAFC Lighting Department consists of a small team of people who work alongside the Media Departments to ensure the stage and speakers/singers are correctly lit, while creatively flowing with worship and the many events happening in the sanctuary. Every event requires a volunteer to attend, where they work to match the event's theme by using colour, light intensity, movement, and haze.

The Lighting Department helps with stage design as well as installing new light fixtures when needed and uses Onyx software to create dynamic effects, cues, and more!
House of Refuge Street Ministries
Steven & Karla Stoffelsen are the founders of House of Refuge Street Ministries in Chiquimulilla, Guatemala. Steven gave up his life in Canada to respond to the call of God in 2002. Now he and his wife live in Guatemala full time. They also preach the Gospel throughout Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada and the USA.

Steven & Karla are voluntary co-pastors at a local church in Chiquimulilla where we train our staff and volunteers with programs, such as discipleship, seminars and prevention programs.

Canadian Fire Missions
Canadian Fire is a missions and evangelistic ministry under the leadership of Brad Mayer.

Part of the mission of Canadian Fire will be to raise up the role of the evangelist within local churches across Canada and around the world; to develop and nurture their unique & necessary gift to the body of Christ. 

Canadian Fire exists to help strengthen the evangelistic gifts and efforts found within the local church.

Fe Viva World Missions
Fe Viva (Faith Alive) is dedicated to bringing Christ, love, hope, education, leadership programs, community development and support to countries like Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Our programs have helped many children and adults with a better understanding of what Christ's love is like while giving them education and a better life through ’smokeless’ stoves and clean water.

Save All The Nations Ministries
Save All The Nations Ministries is a full-time ministry that works out of Punjab and many other areas in Pakistan.

The senior pastor and founder is Pastor Farid. Their vision is to reach the unreachable people with the love and Word of God.

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