As a believer, do you want to be God’s agent for change? Many people try to bring justice and change through the avenue of rebellion, but WWJD? He used unconventional means to bring about God’s change on the earth. Jesus did not come in the way many believed He would — through the force of His own will and power. He chose to live in humility and submission to both God and man and He changed the world by taking the opposite route from what man would normally choose.

In Jesus Was Not a Rebel, you will learn about:

•How you can overcome and walk in the power of God like Jesus did.
•The root causes of rebellion.
•Whether or not Jesus was a rebel.
•Whether rebellion in the church is hindering the Kingdom of God.
•How to break free from the power of rebellion.
•How to negate the effects of rebellion.


Do yourself a favor and read this book carefully so that you may escape the traps of the devil made to look delicious in a hungry world searching for truth.
Steve Gray, Senior Pastor, World Revival Church of Kansas City, Missouri

As a leader, I needed to read [this], as a follower, I needed to absorb it, as a Christian, I needed to understand it, as an observer, I needed to feel like there is yet hope for positive relationship.
Glen R. Stead, Senior Pastor, Embassy Church