Faith Alive Band is a group of worshippers committed to drawing people closer to Jesus through music. Over the course of 20 years, they have travelled across Canada performing their original music and continue to play weekly as the local worship team at Faith Alive Family Church. Their passion is to inspire a generation of worshipping warriors to rise up.


Worship Leaders: Jamie Snider, Jenny Fehr, Bailey Wiebe

Faith Alive Band is made up of passionate people with a desire to worship God using their musical talent. They desire to make worship more than words on a screen, a cool riff, funky beat, or a nice melody. Rather, they take worship to a new depth of God’s overwhelming presence.

The band desires to make music that gets the attention of God by honouring Him through every beat, musical note, and lyric they sing. They have a heart for revival and zeal for the presence of God. They desire to raise up worshipping warriors who will push back the darkness, change atmospheres, and bring healing through their song.


Faith Alive strongly believes that the church should pass on wisdom, knowledge, and experience from generation to generation. We feel called as a church to raise up "worshipping warriors" for the purpose of bringing God glory and unleashing breakthroughs through our praise. 
Because of this, Prairie Christian Academy formed the Jr. Band consisting of several students from the school (ages 12-18). It has been led for the past 3 years by our worship leaders Bailey Wiebe, Jenny Fehr, and Jamie Snider who are all armed with many years of experience.
The Jr. Band practices together weekly and has a great opportunity to lead worship for chapel during school, at special events, and they also lead songs of worship at FAFC on occasion.
If your child is interested in joining the Jr. Band contact the PCA office.
Call 306-652-2230 or submit a message below.
JR Band Contact
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