Faith Alive Family Church response to COVID
Faith Alive Family Church is following Places of Worship Guidelines that have been set in place by the provincial government in the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan
Faith Alive Family Church Place of Worship Guidelines

We do ask that if you are visiting the church that consider the following:

  • Do not come if you are feeling ill.
  • We strongly recommend that people who are medically vulnerable not visit the church at this time. We would love to connect with you over the phone or internet.
  • Practice social distancing when on the premise.
  • Use the provided hand sanitizer when you come in the door.
  • Only people in the SAME EXTENDED HOUSEHOLD GROUP  can sit together in a group of seats.
  • Social distancing MUST be maintained at all times between different household groups.
  • 2 Years and older MUST wear a mask at all times. Cloth masks are acceptable.
  • Children Attendance:
    • THURSDAYS: Only children ages 13 and up are permitted to attend at this time.  Nursery will be available for children 10 months to 4 years of age - an usher can direct you to the nursery available for your child’s age group.
    • SUNDAYS: Children 5 to 12 will join JR Church in the PCA Gym from the start of the service.
  • Nursing Mothers' Room
    • THUSDAYS: This will be OPEN
    • SUNDAYS: This will be OPEN
  • Bottled water will NOT be available on site for purchase and public water fountains are current not in use.  Please bring your own water.
  • ONLY water will be permitted in the sanctuary. No Exceptions.
Place of Worship Guidelines

Our Jr. Church and Nursery are now open for kids ages 6 months - 12 years of age.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with the change of guidelines, so if you would like to continue to wear a mask and distance yourself, please speak with an usher and they will be happy to assist in finding you a socially distanced seat.


Call the office at 306-652-2230 if you have any questions or concerns.

The number of people allowed to attend our service is limited at this time.

We ask all attendees to pre-register their seats on Eventbrite (tickets are free) to assist us in arranging seating with physically distancing in place.

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It has been a long couple years of social distancing and gathering limitations. We are excited to be coming together again and have begun hosting regular events and activities.
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