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The E.D.G.E. (Ages 13-17)

Every Day God Encounters

The vision of The E.D.G.E. is to create a place where teens can come. First of all, to experience the reality of God and learn to walk with Him on a daily basis. We long to see teens that are confident in who God has made them to be, and who are not afraid to stand up for righteousness.

Secondly, we get that teenagers face many questions such as: How do I…? Who am I…? Is it ok to…? etc. We aim to help answer these questions by searching the Word of God and applying it to real-life situations. By looking to what God says, they will learn that their identity is found in Christ alone, and in Him they are valued and accepted.

As well, we purpose for them to have fun at every event as we play games and go on exciting trips together, all while learning to walk through the bombarding thoughts and trials life can bring. TOGETHER, they will grow in character and spiritual strength, and be prepared to launch into adulthood with great maturity and a heart that desires the closeness of God.


We come from a variety of backgrounds and we’re at different places in our walks with God, but what we have in common is a love and commitment to Jesus and to each other, and an intense desire to serve Him with radical obedience. Through powerful services and exciting activities, there’s no shortage of fellowship opportunities.

So, if you love Jesus and want everything He has for you, come on out.

“Love the Lord God with all your passion, and prayer, and intelligence, and energy."

Mark 12:30 (MSG)

Golden Years (60+)

Golden Years is a vibrant group of 60+ people who love to fellowship and serve the Lord together. We meet regularly to fellowship, have a Bible Study, or go on adventures. Even as we age, we are still valuable and very needed in the body of Christ, and in Golden Years, we strive to unlock that potential in each member.

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FMO - For Men Only

For Men Only is a bi-weekly podcast created by men for men. Our aim is to instruct, challenge, and encourage men to be all they can be in God. 

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Women Together

"Step Up with One Another, Step Up with the Community, Step Up with the Word of God"

Women Together is called to build relationships with one another, encourage community outreach, and strengthen our relationship with Christ through monthly fellowship and dynamic events that unite us with one purpose.
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