Brent boldly proclaims that anyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be rescued, recovered, and restored, just like he was over 35 years ago when he came to know Jesus and was instantly set free from addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Shortly after accepting the Lord, Brent came to Faith Alive.  He attended Bible College there, was raised up in ministry there, and has never left. Over the years, he has served in nearly every area of the church, and in 2005, was appointed Senior Pastor. Over the years, he has developed a deep love for the church, desiring to see it be a fireplace that houses the presence of the Lord.

The best way to describe Brent’s preaching style is straightforward, with a good dose of humour thrown in. His teaching will challenge, encourage, and provoke you to lay aside your own agenda and follow hard after God. As a pastor, Brent’s heart yearns to see healthy churches filled with people willing to give their lives to advance the Kingdom of God, both here in Canada and around the world. Brent longs to see revival and healing sweep from shore to shore in Canada, and God is propelling him to the forefront of a revival and unity movement in the prairies. Several years ago, he initiated the Prairie Fire Conferences, gathering many churches and pastors together to present a strong voice for revival and unity in Canada. 

Barb came to Faith Alive in 1987 to attend Bible College and immediately began helping wherever there was a need.  As a co-pastor with her husband, Barb excels at mobilizing and motivating the body of Christ to step up, take their place, and fulfill their potential in the Kingdom of God. Barb has a strong desire to train children, even at a young age, to be mighty warriors for God.

She is compassionate, personable, energetic, fiery, and is totally convinced that nothing is more important than giving your life completely to the advancement of God’s Kingdom. 

Dr. Pierce

From childhood on, David Pierce knew he would serve Jesus as a minister of the Gospel and began fulfilling that call as a young man. So began a journey of more than 60 years of pastoral and teaching ministry in Canada and other nations.

In 1980, David & Joyce, became part of the ministry team at Faith Alive in Saskatoon, which they are still actively involved today. The following year, he became the Dean of Faith Alive Bible College and served in that role until 2019 when he was succeeded as Dean by Dr. Adam Biro.  He continues to teach in the Bible College and over the years, has written multiple study guides on various topics.  These manuals are used at Faith Alive Bible College, and in many churches, ministries, and Bible Colleges around the world.

David and Joyce reside in Saskatoon.  They have four grown children, 12 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.

Rev. Rene & Amber Boutin

Rene first entered the doors of Faith Alive in July of 1991 at the age of 17, and in an instant, knew he had come home. Ever since then he has been involved in many areas of ministry and along with his wife, Amber, is currently the young adults pastor.

His biggest passion is to see people young and old touched by the presence and power of God. With a desire to see the kind of revival that brings reformation to towns, cities, and nations, Rene speaks from the heart and challenges people to up their commitment and their passion for Jesus.

In addition to pastoring the young adults, Rene (or Rev. as he is often referred to), is also the Principal of Prairie Christian Academy.  He and Amber live in Martensville with their three children.

Dr. Biro & Cecy

While in Guatemala to participate in FeViva’s Missionary Training Program, Dr. Adam Biro first met Dr. David Pierce who was there with a group of students from Faith Alive Bible College. Not long after that initial meeting, he moved to Saskatoon to study at FABC. Finding more than simply a Bible College, he was deeply impacted by the spiritual life he found, and became permanently connected with the church and college.

After graduation, Adam returned to the mission field in Central America and established and directed a Bible School there as an extension of Faith Alive. He also married his lovely Salvadoran wife, Cecy, who had founded and helped to pastor a church in El Salvador. 

Adam is currently the Dean of Faith Alive Bible College, and has brought new vision for the college and gives his all to see a generation of world changers raised up who will fearlessly advance the Kingdom of God. 

Adam and Cecy, and their children, Cielle & Aidan, are happy to be in Canada, fully immersed in what God is doing in our nation, bringing revival to this generation.