Here is an excerpt from Pastor Brent’s newly released book  MERCY TRIUMPHS OVER JUDGMENT


The question we need to answer isn’t, “What if I fail?” but rather, “What should I do when I fail?” To some, failure fuels a defeatist attitude and self-pity, but to others, it is the propellant to future victories.

Failure produces valuable experience that provide knowledge and wisdom for the future. We must understand that the fulfillment of our destiny is directly entwined with our willingness to hope in the midst of failure. This doesn’t mean we walk around in arrogance when we fail, or spout grace as a cover up for our sins and shortcomings, but we must keep a right heart, knowing God is always there to help us through. We know that it’s through God’s grace and mercy that we can walk through the failures in our lives.

God’s mercy is the antidote for our inadequacies or missteps. Failure usually attacks our sense of self-worth. We must not allow this, because our worth can only be found through God’s grace. When our worth is not rooted in our own efforts, failure has no sting. It only hurts when we cling to our sense of value.

Failing isn’t final, and it certainly isn’t fatal—unless you allow it to be. As one who has failed a million times, I want to encourage you to receive the grace of God and continue on. Life will bring failure to all of us, but we must realize that even though it’s a struggle to overcome, it’s not final, nor is it fatal.

           Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. 

                                                                                                       SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL

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