Great article by guest blogger Bailey Riza…

God doesn’t need us, yet He chose us. Still, how often we become so great in our own eyes that the magnificence of creator God is diminished. He doesn’t need us. There are thousands of others both willing and ready to move at His command. We hesitate to obey and complain when asked to give of our lives. Did we forget that this King we serve is not only the greatest Father we could ever know but also a merciful and forgiving ruler with justice in one hand and incredible mercy in the other? He is the one who gave freedom to our chains. Why do we test our citizenship by entertaining the idea of another kingdom? Why do we tease God and serve the desires of darkness? For if we are not with God, then we are with the enemy, who is a cruel master. Would we give up the love of the greatest Father we could ever know and hand our lives over to a dark master who would not hesitate to torment and destroy? God doesn’t need us, yet He chose us. He plucked us from a dark kingdom and claimed us as citizens and children of God. We no longer have to bend to the will of darkness, we are free to choose the love of a Father. It is easy to serve a kind King when we remember how harshly darkness rules.

Remind us of our need of you, God. As we look through eternity’s eyes and the scope of Your vast presence, we realize that we are invisible. Hardly noticed, we wander sometimes aimlessly and sometimes purposefully through each day. And still, the greatest authority known to Heaven and Earth chooses to stoop low and whisper in our ears. Yours is the voice calling into darkness to redeem broken days. Yours is the voice invading sorrow with peace. Yours is the voice that guides us into righteousness that we might remain forever with you!

As for me and my house, we will SERVE the Lord, who didn’t need us yet in His great mercy chose to save us. 
– Bailey

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