Did you know that God views unity as precious and extremely important? In fact, He has commanded a blessing in unity, but in order to receive that blessing we have to be willing to obey His explicit instructions.

He always plots evil with perversity in his heart – he stirs up trouble… The Lord hates six things; in fact, seven are detestable to Him:… a lying witness who gives false testimony, and one who stirs up trouble among brothers. Proverbs 6: 14-19 HCSB

As we examine our world today, we can all attest to the fact that there is a great deal of strife and division in relationships, marriages, and families. Sadly, it is also common in our churches. We need to realize that God hates disunity and goes so far as to call it a perversion. It’s a perversion of the “normal” according to God’s standards. We should be imitators of Christ, reflecting His love and humility, and esteeming others more highly than ourselves. We are to walk as upright people, keeping our tongues from evil. Strife and disunity is actually an inroad for the enemy, whose goal is to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan knows the power of unity, and therefore, works hard to sow strife and discord. As God’s children, we need to be aware of the enemy’s tactics and make every effort to live in peace with everyone. Pursue peace with everyone, and holiness – without it no one will see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14 HCSB

I say this to your shame!… Therefore, to have legal disputes against one another is already a moral failure for you. Why not rather put up with injustice? Why not rather be cheated? Instead, you act unjustly and cheat – and you do this to believers! 1 Cor. 6:5-8 HCSB

In Corinthians, Paul goes to the extent of saying it‘s better to be defrauded by a brother rather than to disunify. The people were in division and using the law against each other instead of living in peace. Paul said it is better to be wronged by someone than to live in strife and disunity. But keeping peace is costly. It takes humility and the laying down of one’s own sense of rightness, which isn’t easy, especially when we believe were right. The Corinthian church was in turmoil because the people were fighting for their own rights and constantly defending their opinions. Paul called it shameful!

Are we any different today? Are we so busy fighting for our rights and opinions in our job, our family, our church etc., that we don’t realize the division it causes? Do we ever back down for the sake of keeping peace? Even if we are right, we have to ask ourselves if it’s okay to live in strife and bitterness, and hold hatred and offence against each other.

Unity is such a priority to the Lord that He compares it to sacrificial oils and the dew of Mount Hermon. These were not just ordinary oils, but precious and costly to the people. They were used to offer up a sweet-smelling aroma of sacrifice. The dew of Mount Hermon was a life-giving source that brought refreshment and life to the surrounding area.

There is life and a commanded blessing when we choose to obey His Word and walk in unity. It not only produces a blessing, but it’s also a sweet aroma that rises up to the Lord. Also, God‘s Word says there is nothing we can’t do as a unified people. Can you imagine what we could accomplish when we unify in our relationships, families, and as the Body of Christ?

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